Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Doesn’t Affect Every Debt

When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may feel that there's a lot you need to address in terms of financial matters. You may have a lot of credit card debt, or you may have loans that seem impossible to pay. It's important to remember, though, that filing for Chapter 13 doesn't always mean that all of your debts are discharged. In fact, many debts will not be affected at all by your bankruptcy. Read More 

How Your Real Estate Lawyer Will Help You Safeguard Your Kids’ Futures

The joy that comes with knowing you are finally a parent is immeasurable. But as you settle into your new role, it's important to acknowledge that parenting comes with many responsibilities. One of the most important obligations is figuring out how you can safeguard your kids' futures so they have an easy time creating a life for themselves when the time comes. To know what your options are as a real estate investor, you should consult your real estate lawyer as they're well conversant with this subject. Read More 

3 Reasons Why You Should Consult a Family Law Attorney When Seeking Emancipation

If you are seeking emancipation, it is important to understand the legal process and what steps you need to take. It's not as simple as just walking into a courtroom and requesting it. There are many factors that must be considered by the court before emancipation is granted, and having legal representation can help make sure that all of the minor's bases are covered. Here are three reasons why you should consult with a family law attorney when seeking emancipation. Read More 

3 Major Benefits Of Hiring A Civil Litigation Attorney

No one anticipates facing a lawsuit, so being served with documents requiring you to appear in court can be quite shocking. If this is your current predicament, you're likely overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions. And since a court summons isn't something you can ignore, it's best to get yourself a lawyer as soon as possible. When looking for legal representation, it's important to find a lawyer with the right experience level. Read More 

DUIs Involving Prescription Drugs And How To Prove Your Innocence

Motorists who take intoxicants before they start driving have certain signs of impairment. Unfortunately, you might exhibit these symptoms even if you have not taken a banned substance. For instance, your sobriety test results might indicate that your alcohol content is above the recommended limit after taking prescription drugs. When this happens, consider hiring a DUI lawyer to fight for you. They will explain the following to enable you to understand the consequences of such errors and how you can prove your innocence. Read More